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Directed by Various

Oregon 77 mins.

Films in this Program

Lovely Legs

Directed by Abby Thompson

A man and his sex robot spend their final moments together.

Mr. Peterson

Directed by Josh Young

High school students reel when they learn of a popular teacher’s suicide. One student in particular feels the weight of

Two Balloons

Directed by Mark Smith

Two lemurs who live in floating airships attempt to make contact with one another.

North & Nowhere

Directed by Scott Ballard

Devan moves back to the country to help care for her ailing father. When her sister checks him into an


Directed by Daniela Repas

Using hand-drawn animation, a Bosnian refugee tells a story of her home, which has been logged and kept as drawings

Bramble On

Directed by Sean Whiteman

A young man wakes to find a mysterious creature hiding in the bushes outside of his window. Is it a

Black Cloud

Directed by Derek Sitter

Moments after deciding to give life one more shot, a man wanders into a chance encounter with a couple of