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Directed by Robert Altman

United States 1993 187 mins.

Adapting several short stories by the Pacific Northwest author Raymond Carver and transplanting them to a bristling early-90s Los Angeles, Altman deploys his trademark restless camera coupled with overlapping, densely layered sound to concentrate on the idea of the American family in the Reagan-Bush era while exploring dominant notions of masculinity and marital fidelity.  As the several stories in the film begin to intertwine, a complex tapestry emerges—each connected to each other by thin strands. A who’s-who cast (including Robert Downey, Jr., Andie MacDowell, Tim Robbins, Lyle Lovett, and Julianne Moore, among others) flesh out Altman’s anxiety-ridden vision of modern America to create “A rich, unnerving film, as comic as it is astringent.”—Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times.