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Directed by Various

Films in this Program

Portland Meadows

Directed by Vanessa Renwick

This rhythmic portrait explores the sights and sounds of Portland’s horse racetrack.

Split Ends

Directed by Joanna Priestley

Abstract compositions inspired by vintage wallpaper and wrapping paper stimulate a collective memory of youthful self-hypnosis and visual absorption.


Directed by Kimberly Warner

A young ballerina glimpses a hidden truth about her future as she teeters between light and dark, order and chaos.

3rd Degree

Directed by Sal Strom

Strom pairs found footage with an oral history from a World War II veteran.

I Am Here

Directed by Rachelle Sarfati

Sarfati recounts her story of missing memories and recovery after being hit by a train while on a film shoot.


Directed by Pam Minty

Joan Crawford returns to the screen in a thrilling trailer mash-up.


Directed by Stephanie Hough

Brothers Jonas and Kevin Kierkowzki struggle to navigate their grief over the death of their younger brother. Jonas has become