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Directed by Various

These films are selected from the Festival of New Spanish Cinema, a larger touring program, curated and organized by Pragda and Spain arts&culture. Supported by Accion Cultural Española (AC/E), and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport. Special thanks to Marvin & Wayne and Cinelandia.

Films in this Program

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A Whole Future Together

Directed by Pablo Remon

Two bankers who have sold a substantial amount of preferred shares have a conversation at a bar. One of them,

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Directed by Alberto Vazquez, Pedro Rivero

A terrible industrial accident changes Little Dinki’s life forever. Now Dinki’s fate may ride on the wings of her eccentric

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I Can’t Right Now

Directed by Roser Aguilar

Sara is a young actress who, after becoming a mother, decides to go back to her professional life. She becomes

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Directed by Leticia Dolera

We live anesthetized, isolated, immune to pain. What would happen if one day that emotional anesthesia disappeared?

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Inside the Box

Directed by David Martin-Porras

When the local District Attorney comes knocking, a Texan cop is forced to face a secret that he’s been hiding

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Directed by Daniel Remon

A psychologist interviews the members of a company due to an incident: Mercedes, one of the executives, has insulted his