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Directed by Various

2016 91 mins.

Films in this Program

Answer Print

Directed by Mónica Savirón

“The fading that devastates color films occurs in the dark. It is accelerated by high temperatures and, to a lesser

025 Sunset Red

Directed by Laida Lertxundi

“A kind of quasi-autobiographical reckoning. An indiscernibility of then and now. Recollection and immediacy. Delicacy and virility. The elusive and


Directed by Camilo Restrepo

“To keep a promise made to her dying mother, a young woman goes off in search of her father, a

Ha Terra!

Directed by Ana Vaz

“An encounter, a hunt, a diachronic tale of looking and becoming. As in a game, as in a chase, the

Luna E Santur

Directed by Joshua Gen Solondz

“Hooded figures, violent passion, and stroboscopic tenderness brought on by a paranormal encounter I had in the summer of 2015.”—JGS.

Indefinite Pitch

Directed by James N. Kienitz Wilkins

“A pathetic movie pitch set in Berlin slips into the murkiness of memory and into histories best forgotten or purposely

Old Hat

Directed by Zach Iannazzi

Falling forward one minute, lying down the next. “Whatever the difficulty of finding a way forward, film does nothing but.”—Max