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Directed by Various

This program of experimental cinema, programmed and introduced by Cinema Project, delves into personal, familial, and cultural pasts, revealing the difficulty in going back to or moving between physical and psychic spaces.

Films in this Program

Now Eat My Script

Directed by Mounira Al Solh

The camera hovers over a car packed with food to be smuggled across the Syria-Lebanon border, including the segmented carcass

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Return to Aeolus Street

Directed by Maria Kourkouta

Found-footage of popular Greek movies from the 50s and 60s is manipulated and looped toward the hypnotic and touching, accompanied

Broken Tongue

Directed by Mónica Savirón

An ode to freedom of movement, association, and expression is created through images culled from each January 1st issue of

Sleeping District

Directed by Tinne Zenner

Combining outside and inside views of residential areas built during the Soviet Era with disjointed conversations translated from Russian into

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Time Being I-VI

Directed by Barbara Sternberg

Brief moments of being, fleeting bits of the surrounding chaos.