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Directed by Various

2016 87 mins.

Films in this Program

350 MYA

Directed by Terra Long

“Traces of unrelenting wind and the edges of harsh light create tangible and illusory shapes within space in the Tafilalt

Irradiant Field

Directed by Laura Kraning

“A visual and sonic portrait at the intersection of nature and machine—a desert mirage of light, wind, water, and metallic

As Without So Within

Directed by Manuela De Laborde

“Mapped as a contemplative film, it is the result of conceptual concerns and examinations on the act of going to

An Aviation Field

Directed by Joana Pimenta

“An aviation field in an unknown suburb. The lake underneath the city burns the streets. The mountains throw rocks into

Burning Mountains That Spew Flame

Directed by Samuel M. Delgado, Helena Girón

A mysterious voyage into the depths of one of the longest volcanic tunnels in Europe to excavate an idiosyncratic history

Engram of Returning

Directed by Daïchi Saïto

“An epic 35mm CinemaScope meta-physical travelogue that reveals a supernal world which pulses and flickers with formal patterns and deep