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Directed by Various


Sponsored by Oregon Film, World Foods Portland, and OMPA

Films in this Program


Directed by Nathan Sonenfeld

An animated meaning-of-self in a new world.

Your Move

Directed by Rollyn Stafford

Chess is the international game of strategy and tactic, but can it also be a beacon for love?

The Cutting Shadow

Directed by Vu Pham

Two Vietnamese half-brothers pay a visit to a Vietnamese American interested in reconnecting with his own heritage, only to discover


Directed by Leah Brown

Seven mysterious women sit around a table quietly dining until one woman disrupts the silence.

These Flowers

Directed by Noah Lambie

Flipbook and time-lapse animation interpret a poem of the same title by Hungarian poet Sandor Petofi.

Carnal Orient

Directed by Mila Zuo

A dark and strangely surreal snapshot of sexual desire aimed at the exotic.

Bare the Sun

Directed by Jesse Widener

A man wanders through a scorching desert with only the precious water in his canteen, and a bandanna full of


Directed by Jan Haaken

Women’s health providers in Kenya must negotiate access, class, and religion in a nation striving to overcome its problems.

The Child and the Dead

Directed by Karina Ripper, Marc Ripper

In this quiet thriller, a father and his son and girlfriend are left stranded on a forest road after a


Directed by Slater Dixon

Mexican food can be spicy, and sometimes, with a powerful punch, it can inflame passions we did not know existed.