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Directed by Various

Films in this Program


Directed by Jessica Baclesse

An injured rodeo star must juggle his dreams with his responsibilities.

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Invisible Sails

Directed by Michael Annus

A point of merge at a busy traffic artery demonstrates a curious human tendency to cooperate.


Directed by Matt Christy

Sidney’s wife brings a monkey home to live in a giant cage in the middle of their living room, but

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Long Way Gone

Directed by Austin Will

This surreal portrait follows a lost soul navigating ghostly landscapes by motorcycle in search of shelter from a vicious storm.

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The Framer

Directed by Dan Sadowsky

Portland’s Peter Murdoch builds picture frames that are themselves works of art.

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Bottle Neck

Still life silhouettes, abstract shapes, and complex, interlocking patterns renovate the commonplace objects of a classical painting genre in a

Sherlock Homeless

Directed by Mychal Sargent, Matt Cornelius

Tallboy Tarrance lacks a home and traditional charm, but has a knack for solving mysteries.


Directed by Vanessa Renwick

Swirling in flight, the Vaux’s Swifts layover for three weeks in Portland each fall on their migration to South America.

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American Gladiators

Directed by Lara Jean Gallagher

Jean’s little sister, Mae, may be gravely ill, but Jean is sick of it.

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Melvin the Birder

Directed by David Emmite, Spencer Lott

Melvin is a lonely fellow who is obsessed with capturing every species of woodpecker known to man.

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The Punishing Business

Directed by Heather Harlow

Life isn’t easy for Ellen, her parole officer, or her developmentally disabled neighbor.

A Year & A Day

Directed by Pam Minty

A series of images of Bond Butte taken each month over the course of a year precede a series of