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Shattered: Journey into a Silent Past

Sisters Britta (now Franz) and Marianne Lion grew up in a Jewish family in Aachen, German. In 1937, when the two were 9 and 12, they were forced to flee to the US with their parents. Their father owned a clothing store in Aachen, which he sold to director Walter Wehmeyer’s grandfather before they fled. How did the transaction take place? Did the Lion family ever receive compensation? How were the two businessmen able to avoid the “Nazi-ization” and confiscation of all Jewish property? Wehmeyer tells this fascinating tale using archival records, letters, and photographs. He focuses on Britta, who came to settle in Salem, Oregon. Her and her family’s tale would remain untold were it not for an inquisitive filmmaker in search of his own family history. Britta Franz, now 90, will be on hand to talk about the film and her family’s experience.

Appears in: Special Screenings

Genres: Documentary