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SF Hitch

Renwick reflects on a 1981 trip she took with her wolf dog to San Francisco “where even the bums were good-looking.”

Genres: Documentary, Short, Northwest Filmmaker

Other Films by Vanessa Renwick

Land of the Free

Clouds drifting over land act as a backdrop for a textual exploration of colonialism and ownership.

Crack House

Fragmentary glimpses suggest a peaceful Buddhist garden surprisingly embedded within Jeffrey Bale’s Crack House paradise.

Portland Meadows

This rhythmic portrait explores the sights and sounds of Portland’s horse racetrack.


Swirling in flight, the Vaux’s Swifts layover for three weeks in Portland each fall on their migration to South America.

North South East West

Vanessa Renwick’s films reveal the hidden stories & secret lives that define our great national weirdness, imbued with the radical curiosity and vision of a true pioneer.”–Todd Haynes. Founder of the Oregon Department of Kick Ass, Vanessa Renwick is a filmmaker and visual media artist who has been creating works for over 20 years. The