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Directed by Brady Hall

United States, Seattle 2013 85 mins. In English

Seattle filmmaker Brady Hall’s (HELLO, MY NAME IS DICK LICKER) latest comedy is inspired by his own home renovation, which introduced him to the world of people who collect scrap metal. “Former Boeing employee Hollis Wallace (Michael Beach) has scraped out a living for years scavenging and selling scrap metal, all to keep a roof over himself and his ailing mom (Jennifer Lanier). Then he stumbles upon hot teenage mess Swan (Anna Giles), who happens to be hanging around at the house of a screw-loose older guy (‘Game of Thrones’’s Aidan Gillen). The girl gradually elbows her way into Hollis’s monochromatic existence as an apprentice scrapper and would-be surrogate daughter figure, and you can guess the rest. Then again, a fair amount of the time, you can’t—and that’s part of SCRAPPER’s rough-hewn charm. The sharp script (by Hall and producer Ed Dougherty) thrives on little details.”—City Arts.

Genres: Drama