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Safety Last!

One of the most beloved comedies of the silent era and one of star Harold Lloyd’s most famous films, Safety Last! tells the story of “The Boy,” an industrious young man who moves from the country to the city seeking a better life. Upon arrival, he finds a job in a department store but quickly realizes its banality; however, when the store’s owner offers up a king’s ransom to anyone able to bring people in, the Boy hatches a plan involving a large clock tower outside and an unsuspecting friend. Meanwhile, the Boy’s girlfriend moves to the city believing he’s made it, considering all the fancy gifts he’s been sending her back home. In both instances, he gets much more than he bargained for.

Genres: Comedy

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My Best Girl

Mary Pickford was the most popular star of the silent era, whose celebrity surpassed even that of Chaplin and Valentino. MY BEST GIRL was her last silent film, and is widely regarded as one of her best. The story’s Cinderella romance between a spunky department-store stock girl (Pickford) and the owner’s son (Charles “Buddy” Rogers)