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Directed by Wes Anderson

United States 1998 93 mins.

Rushmore was Anderson’s first commercial and critical breakthrough, earning its place as one of the key works of the American independent film movement of the 1990s. The memorable protagonist is extracurricular overachiever but academic underachiever Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman), a clever yet bumbling student at the prestigious, private Rushmore Academy. As Max attempts to romance Ms. Cross (Olivia Williams), a recently widowed teacher at Rushmore, he falls in with tycoon Herman Blume (Bill Murray), and the three find themselves embarking on one of the most ill-fated love triangles ever put to film. While Max begins as a confident, know-it-all teen, the film’s examination of youthful alienation, misplaced desire, and subsequent growth ushers him into something more closely resembling adulthood.

Featuring a post-film conversation between author Morgan Parker (Magical Negro) and author/screenwriter Jon Raymond (Wendy and Lucy).

Screening as part of the Portland Book Festival.