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Directed by Keishi Ohtomo

Japan 2012 134 mins. In Japanese

Based on the popular manga and anime series, this live-action swashbuckler was the number one box office hit of 2012 in Japan. After participating in the Boshin War, the legendary samurai known as Battōsai (Takeru Sato) leaves his sword behind on the battlefield and vows never to kill again. Adopting the name Kenshin Himura and bearing an X-shaped scar upon his cheek, he wanders the country offering protection and aid to the unfortunate in atonement for his past. When he arrives in Tokyo, he encounters Kaoru (Emi Takei), whose fencing school is threatened by a greedy opium dealer and his posse of mercenaries—including an assassin claiming to be Batto¯sai. To defend Kaoru and to find the imposter, Kenshin must once again take up his sword.

Genres: Action, Drama