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Rover’s Eye

Images recorded by NASA on the surface of Mars gain a mysterious presence through the interventions of the human hand.

Genres: Short, Found Footage, Experimental, Northwest Filmmaker

Other Films by Laura Heit

Animated Worlds: Portland Animation Since 2000

The state of Oregon has played an amazing role in helping to shape the world of animation. This program showcases a variety of animated films from Portland based animators beginning with the year 2000 and steadily moving to the present day.

The Deep Dark

An allegorical tale of walking into the subconscious to face ones fears.

Two Ways Down

Fantastical creatures float in and out of space, destined for a hellish final destination.

Animation By Design

Presented in association with Design Week Portland, this short program of abstract animation features a variety of diverse work by Oregon and Washington animators with distinct graphic styles. This program includes: Joanna Priestley Joan Gratz Aaron F. Ross Marilyn Zornado Laura Heit Micah Weber Kello Goeller Jefferson Kincaid Reed O’Beirne Eric Ostrowski Ruth Hayes Devon