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Directed by Signe Baumane

Latvia 2014 88 mins. In English

Latvian-born, New York-based animator Signe Baumane’s charming film is a witty and moving examination of the director’s battle with depression, narrated by Baumane herself. Combining both papier-mâché stop-motion and hand-drawn animation, the film is also a history of her family and how their lives have been touched by the sting of depression. “People assume one makes a personal film to get rid of one’s own demons . . . as some kind of psychotherapy. I make films to entertain, to engage people in a conversation, at times provoke—but mainly to offer my point of view on the world”—Signe Baumane. “Sharp, surprising, Funny . . . Remorseless psychological intelligence, wicked irony, and an acerbic sense of humor.”—New York Times. This year’s Latvian submission for Best Foreign Picture Oscar. First feature.