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Directed by Yossi Madmoni, Boaz Yehonatan Yacov

Israel 2018 104 mins. In Hebrew with English subtitles

Madmoni and Yacov’s deeply emotional spiritual journey highlights the necessity of family and friends, even if that means painfully coming to grips with one’s past transgressions. Single father Menachem (Moshe Folkenflick), whose daughter Geula (Emily Granin) is diagnosed with cancer, must find a way to pay for costly treatments despite eking out a simple existence without much cash flow. Enter Menachem’s former, marginally popular band, for which he was lead singer. In an effort to raise funds, the band gets back together and rekindles their old fire. But, as the recently-religious Menachem finds out, redemption is not so easily earned in this uplifting yet realistic tale of the bonds that connect us all. Winner, Best Actor, 2018 Karlovy Vary Film Festival; winner, Audience Award, 2018 Jerusalem Film Festival.

Filmography: The Barbecue People (2003), Melanoma My Love (2006), Restoration (2011), A Place in Heaven (2013)

Sponsored by the Institute for Judaic Studies