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Directed by Gabe Polsky

Russia, United States 2014 85 mins. In English, Russian

Whether or not you know anything about hockey, or US-Soviet cold war history, you’ll be entertained by Polsky’s fascinating story of the intersection of sports and politics. Played out on Olympic ice, Red Army chronicles the rise and fall of the dynastic Soviet Army Hockey Team, revisiting the era using an incredible collection of archival material from both sides of the Iron Curtain. Featuring revealing commentary from the players themselves, including one of Russia’s greatest players Slava Fetisov, the film skillfully balances the personal and political drama behind one of hockey’s greatest stories, revealing the thin line between national hero and political enemy. “[A] stirring, crazy story—a Russian novel of Tolstoyan sweep and Gogol-esque absurdity.”—The New York Times. In English and Russian with English subtitles.