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Directed by Richard Billingham

United Kingdom 2018 108 mins. In English

Known for his unflinchingly intimate portraits of his family, fine art photographer Billingham turns in one of the year’s most thrilling film debuts with the deeply autobiographical Ray & Liz. Set in the grimy Birmingham council flats of Billingham’s youth, the film focuses on the eponymous bad-parent stereotypes and their two sons—boys who grow up mostly alone, put repeatedly in precarious positions while their father drinks himself to death and their mother ignores them in favor of fulfilling her own desires. A potent, visually-stunning blend of cautionary tale and tender coming-of-age drama (replete with joyous sequences of discovery and wonder), Ray & Liz is “a rare and remarkable cine-memoir…lends complex layers of memoir and mimesis to this singular spin on the British kitchen-sink drama.” —Guy Lodge, Variety.

Filmography: First feature

Content warning: scenes of alcoholism

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