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Directed by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

United States 1987 104 mins.

Channeling classic influences from Tex Avery to Preston Sturges and beyond, the Coen brothers’ 2nd feature, Raising Arizona, was their first foray into comedic filmmaking. Chronic jailbird H.I. McDunnough (Nicolas Cage) swears he’ll go straight for the love of his baby-crazy, ex-cop wife Edwina (Holly Hunter). But when the couple discover they can’t have children, H.I.’s criminal sobriety is tested and the two embark on a baby stealing heist of hilarious proportions. “Positively anarchic in its influence on the 80s’ trend towards family oriented movies (Baby Boom, Three Men And A Baby, Look Who’s Talking), Raising Arizona refuses to be bound by generic convention. From prison movie to gangster, screwball comedy to Spaghetti Western, no stone is left unturned.”–Mark Dinning, Empire.

Preceded by:

Proximity, OR, 2014
dir. Joshua Cox (4 mins., Short film, Digital)
A Victorian gentleman and a sixties cowgirl explore the kitschy depths of love and betrayal in this quirky gem by Portland’s Joshua Cox.

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