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Directed by Andrei Gruzsniczki

Romania 2013 107 mins. In Romanian

The story of the man on the edge becomes a film about people who are at crossroads. Set in Romania, 1984, a mathematician’s decision to publish a paper in a magazine, edited by an American university and not asking for the authorities’ permission, triggers a chain of events that will change his friends’ lives. After all, decisions with no consequences do not exist. What follows is a tense story of paranoia and betrayal—skillfully shot in black and white with remarkable attention to period details—in which the issues explored are anything but black and white. “The film tries to reproduce the nostalgia and immobility of those years.”—Andrei Gruzsnicki. “The villains here are sincere, hard-working bureaucrats, and their victims are frequently confused or duplicitous.”—New York Times.