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Directed by Jonathan Olshefski

United States 2017 104 mins.

One of the year’s most incisive, tender portraits of the average life of Americans, Olshefski’s debut follows the Raineys, an African-American family living in Philadelphia during the Obama presidency. Christopher “Quest” Rainey is a pillar of the local hip-hop community, using his basement studio to give young rappers a shot, while his wife Christine’a (“Ma Quest”) works at a local health care facility. Their studio space acts as a refuge from the harsh streets, but those same streets send the family into crisis at points, as random violence affects their lives. In the end, however, the Raineys’ strong familial bonds rise above, and Quest—shot over a 10-year period—gracefully lets us in on a look at one family’s deeply felt experience of this historic period in American life. “Living, breathing, stunning.”—Variety.

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Weekend Engagements