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Portland Reel Abilities Film Festival

  • Directed by Various

The Reel Abilities Film Festival is a national touring showcase promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories, and artistic expressions of people with different abilities, and a celebration of the diversity of our shared human experience. The Film Center is pleased to partner with Disability Art and Culture Project (DACP), a nonprofit dedicated to furthering the artistic expression of people with both apparent and non-apparent disabilities, in presenting a screening in this year’s Portland Reel Abilities program. 

Awake, US, 2015

dir. Michael Achtmen (22 mins., narrative, digital)
In this existential comedy, Anna, who’s chronically ill, is visited by Doreen, a door to door proselytizer who makes herself at home and stays the day, slowly defrosting her non-welcome. Together, they walk in the park, bake a cake and watch an Ingmar Bergman film. Both women are blind, played
by blind actors Alex Bulmer and Margo Cargill.

Good Beer, US, 2015

dir. Tony Borden (7 mins., narrative, digital)

Shannon and David meet online and go on a revealing first date.

Blind Date, US 2016

Dir. Nicole Ellis, Maya Albanese (35 mins., documentary, digital)
Technology is transforming the way we date and find love. Mobile apps like Tinder and websites like OkCupid are whetting our appetite for instant visual gratification. But, if you’re single and blind, you face a distinct set of challenges in finding love. A digital divide has emerged between sighted and blind people in search of long-lasting partnerships. Blind Date is follows three blind New Yorkers on their quests for lust and love in the digital age.

Appears in: Special Screenings