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Directors Cara Hagan and Robert Uehlin

Director of Photography  Robert Uehlin 

Choreographer & Dancer  Cara Hagan

Composer Mike Wall

Oregon Artist

“A short screendance filmed on location on Battle Lake, MN. Cygnus invites us to revel in the beauty of the sunrise over calm waters as the moon slips behind the horizon. A celebration of the earth, the body, and their kinship.



Director, Choreographer, Dancer, & Composer Nadav Heyman

Installation Son Jinhee & Kim Younghyun

Special Thanks to S.A.C. Art Lab 


As part of the 2019 S.A.C. Artist Residency and in collaboration with Studio 1750 (South Korea), filmmaker Nadav Heyman explores the claustrophobic limits of his physicality, set in rural Thailand.

Nadav has won multiple awards with his movement and narrative films, including the Best Drama Award at the Oregon Short Film Festival (“Jesus”) and Best Video Art Film Award at the Los Angeles Experimental Forum (“One”). He was also Runner Up at the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (“Helena”).



Director Álvaro José Peña

Directors of Photography Sergio López Guevara & Rodrigo García

Choreographer Erika Suárez

Dancers Lilibeth Sawary Pérez Herrera, Noreidis Valdés Reyes, Brendys Vanesa Herrera, Daniela Padilla Cáceres, Damisleidis Padilla Salgado, Emilis Yuleisis Casseres Perez.

Composer Roberto Ávila & Adama Drame


“Kaddume” is an expedition that recognizes San Basilio de Palenque’s past and future relationships. It’s a look to and from the body, the land they live in and the voice of their female ancestors. The same ones that opened new paths in search of freedom. This dance is a new approach through rhythm and movement, to that strength and wisdom. It is an homage of these girls, not professional dancers, to that empowered walk of freedom that still lives in their bodies.

Agite y Sirva (Mexico) Experimental Music and Dance Festival (Toronto) Proyecto Faenza (Colombia) San francisco dance film festival (San Francisco) Cuerpo Digital (Bolivia) La danza in 1 minuto (Italia)


Dance for Death (Doc)

Director & Director of Photography Zanyar Azizi

Kurdish Dance Master Ali Zahirnya


There is a dance in Kurdistan, performed in mourning ceremonies. This tradition has not been performed in many parts of Kurdistan for nearly 50 years. Ali, a Kurdish dance master, decides to perform it for his friend who

lost his life in 1980 war in Sanandaj.




The Sun is God

Director & Director of Photography Alice Pennefather

Choreographer Valentino Zucchetti

Dancers Francesca Hayward, Matthew Ball

Composer Ernest Seitz

United Kingdom

Set in 1918, The Sun is God is a story of love, loss and remembrance told through the poetic use of classical ballet. A woman imagines her betrothed has returned from the horrors of war in France. A painting by the great English Romanticist landscape painter JMW Turner ‘The Lake, Petworth, Sunset’ triggers memories of moments shared together, before the mist of the landscape slowly envelops him and she is left alone with only memories of their love.

Dancer Francesca Hayward plays a leading role in Tom Hooper’s upcoming ‘Cats’.



Director Cass Mortimer Eipper

Director of Photography Liam Edward Brennan

Choreographer Cass Mortimer Eipper

Dance Company Queensland Ballet

Music  Red Sex by Vessel


‘Brute’ is about duality – how we try to restrain the untameable beast within us, and how this in turn contorts and mystifies our consciousness.

Directed and choreographed by Cass Mortimer Eipper and produced by Lucas Thyer and Caitlin Johnston from PixelFrame, Brute was created for Queensland Ballet’s Bespoke season in 2018. It has gone on to win Best Dance Film at the Global Short Film Awards in Cannes in 2019.



Director  Marlene Millar

Director of Photography  Geoffroy Beauchemin

Choreographer  Sandy Silva  

Dancers Sonia Clarke, Afia Douglas, Hélène Lemay, Kimberly Robin, Sandy Silva

Edito: Jules de Niverville

Composer Jean Frechette, Sandy Silva


TRAVERSE weaves the powerful performances of five women into a tapestry of collective experience, revealing an intersection of dance, movement, and voices in a profound personal, yet collective journey. Performers occupy and move through undiscovered terrain unearthing openings and connections in a breathtaking setting while encountering travellers sharing similar trajectories. 

TRAVERSE is part of The Migration Dance Film Project, a series of award-winning dance shorts that illustrate the beauty and complexity of transformative journeys. The film features a cast of over 40 professional and non- professional dancers and was filmed at the dramatic Gouffre D’enfer – Chasm of Hell dam in Rochetaillée, France. TRAVERSE is part of the Migration Dance Film Project. Films in this series have garnered twenty awards and prizes to date including Best Dance Film at Aesthetica Short Film Festival; First Prize at Cinematica, Italy; Audience Award for Best Short Dance Film at Cinedans, Amsterdam; Special Jury Prize at Des Arts // Des Cinés in France; Best Screendance Short at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival; the first Prix Lumiere at Cinédanse Québec, and recently the Performing Arts Golden Sheaf Award at Yorkton Film Festival, the longest-running festival in North America.



Director  Dylan Wilbur

Director of Photography Sam Membrino

Choreographer & Dancers Suzanne Chi, Kailee McMurran, Rachel Slater, Lena Traenkenschuh

Composer Duke Stebbins

Oregon Artist

Unfolding​ follows an anonymous woman as the poetry of the world blurs around her. She experiences the excesses of demand. With surreal imagery and dream logic, ​Unfolding explores the tug between determination and anxiety; the balance between surrender and endurance.

Unfolding received Honorable Mention at the Jacksonville Dance Film Festival, Dylan’s work as a cinematographer and editor on the web series, “”The Digits”” was twice nominated for an IAWTV award.  Rachel and Suzanne are recent Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity Residents. 




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