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Directed by Various

Oregon 2019 90 mins.

Presented as part of the Portland Circuit, a partnership between the Oregon Made Creative Foundation, the Hollywood Theatre, The Clinton St. Theater, Cinema 21 and the Northwest Film Center, Canopy Stories is an anthology film project produced by NW Documentary. Eleven Portland filmmakers made twelve short films about particular trees within the city and the stories surrounding them. These living, breathing beings stand in silent vigil as decades and centuries pass; the stories of our urban forest are the stories of our city, and once you know the stories of the trees, you will never see the city in the same way. Split into two sections, this program features shorts Rosa’s Tree by David-Paul B. Hedberg, about Portland’s first Heritage tree, an american elm at the base of downtown’s Eliot Tower; No More Dope Parties, by Cambria Matlow, about a pair of Sequoias in Portland’s Lents neighborhood; The Activist, by Zoe Gieringer, about the Corbett Oak, a tree older than the city itself; and many more. To find a complete listing, please visit the Oregon Made Creative Foundation’s page here.


This film is presented as part of the Portland Circuit, a partnership with the Oregon Made Film Foundation, Northwest Film Center, Hollywood Theatre, Clinton St. Theater, and Cinema 21. Local filmmakers will be in attendance along with local environmental organizations. Join us for a reception before the film.

Appears in: Northwest Tracking