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Perfect Blue

  • Directed by Satoshi Kon
  • Japan, 1997, 81 mins., Japanese

Satoshi Kon’s first feature is an exceptional and dark debut that quickly drew attention to Kon’s singular vision in the field of animation. “Who are you?” rings out as the pivotal line in this psychological thriller that follows the pop idol Mima (Junko Iwao) as she graduates from the music scene and strikes out on her own to become an actress. Her new pursuits are much more challenging and demoralizing than anticipated, and her disillusion is heightened as she faces stalking by obsessive fans who brand her as a traitor. Often drawing comparisons to De Palma and Hitchcock, Perfect Blue is as dizzying as it is disturbing. Content warning for sexual assault and animated violence.

Appears in: Special Screenings

Genres: Animation

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