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Directed by Various

Oregon 2017 60 mins.


A performance in the Whitsell by Portland band Party Killer as they create live soundtracks to Super 8 films shot for the Moving Picture Oregon event from the Northwest Filmmakers’ Summit, ten films shot as part of a Kodak sponsored Super 8 50ft challenge, and a select few student films.

Improvisation is their essence. For over a decade Party Killer has literally crafted hundreds of songs from scratch before live audiences, striving to create compositions on the fly strong enough to imply they were written beforehand. Like a Kaiju fighting mecha-MacGyver Party Killer thrills at the unknown nature of each unwritten path, exuding infectious energy and invention at ever turn.


Filmmakers of the Super 8 50 Ft. Challenge include: Ezekiel Brown, Josh Lunden, Cintamani Calise, Cambria Matlow, Stuart Eagon, Ian Clark, Molly Preston, Leah R. Brown, Roland Wu, Analise Smith