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Directed by Peter Bogdanovich

United States 1973 102 mins.

Starring real-life father-daughter duo Ryan and Tatum O’Neal, Paper Moon follows the travails of two down-on-their-luck wayward souls: grifter Moses “Moze” Pray and newly-orphaned Addie. Following Addie’s mother’s funeral, Moze reluctantly agrees to deliver Addie to her aunt’s home hundreds of miles away, with nothing but a beat-up Model A Ford and their wits to get them by. While at first the odd-couple pairing is uncomfortable for both of them, the pair quickly realizes they need each other more than they knew. The Great Depression bears down heavily on people throughout the land, forcing Moze and Addie into unexpected relationships and situations while they try to simply survive. A tender, honest portrayal of friendship built upon unusually harsh circumstances, Paper Moon is a humanist masterpiece, one of director Peter Bogdanovich’s finest films, and a gem of the New Hollywood era.

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Appears in: Essential Cinema