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45th Northwest Filmmakers Festival

October 31-November 5

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Fri, Oct 12

The Last Man on Earth

Directed by Ubaldo Ragona, Sidney Salkow

The most faithful adaptation of sci-fi novelist and Twilight Zone writer Richard Matheson's I Am Legend stars Vincent Price as

Sat, Oct 13

Burnt Offerings

Directed by Dan Curtis

Having made a name for himself with cult horror projects like Dark Shadows and Trilogy of Terror, writer/director/producer Dan Curtis

Sun, Oct 14

Not Sorry #2: Vessels

Directed by Various

How does the body tell a story, and whose story is it? Is it meant to please itself or give

Mon, Oct 15

24 Frames

Directed by Abbas Kiarostami

Three years in the making and Kiarostami’s final film before his death in 2016, each segment in 24 Frames offers

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Wed, Oct 17

Adventures in Animation and Advertising

Born from Will Vinton Studios and then part of LAIKA, the now independent House Special continues to be one of

Thu, Oct 18

Best of the 44th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival

As we look forward to the 45th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, the nation’s oldest regional film  showcase, we present this special

Fri, Oct 19
Sat, Oct 20
Sat, Oct 20
Sun, Oct 21

Bisbee ’17

Directed by Robert Greene

In 1917, Bisbee, Arizona, was witness to a heinous, violent, racist event: the expulsion of 1,200 immigrant copper miners who

Fri, Oct 19

Horror of Dracula

Directed by Terence Fisher

Peter Cushing stars as Doctor Van Helsing and Christopher Lee as Count Dracula in this towering achievement of gothic horror

Sat, Oct 20

Fright Night

Directed by Tom Holland

When teenaged horror film obsessive Charley (William Ragsdale) comes to believe that a suave vampire (Chris Sarandon) has moved next

Sun, Oct 21

Not Sorry #3: Home

Directed by Various

Stories of political and social upheaval are often accompanied by typical media images of suffering or violence. But the resulting

Mon, Oct 22

The Red Soul

Directed by Jessica Gorter

The Red Soul, on its surface, seeks to trouble the notion that modern-day Russia is totally in thrall to Putin’s

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Tue, Oct 23

Augmented Images: Bent Image Lab

Over the last 15 years Bent Labs has garnered a national reputation and numerous awards for their multi-faceted production capabilities—everything