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Sun, Sep 29


Directed by Claudia Weill

Susan (Melanie Mayron), a fine art photographer, and Anne (Anita Skinner), a writer, live as roommates in New York City,

Sun, Sep 29

Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania

Directed by Jonas Mekas

In the early 1970s, Mekas returned to his homeland, Lithuania, with trusty Bolex 16mm camera in hand, creating this diary

Sun, Sep 29

Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Anymore

Directed by Sarah Jacobson

Sarah Jacobson’s Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Anymore is the DIY, grimy, nineties girl’s POV on the coming-of-age teen romance.

Sun, Sep 29

I Was a Teenage Serial Killer

Directed by Sarah Jacobson

“Like Slacker meets Valerie Solanas, the film depicts a 19-year-old woman who responds to catcalls, condescension, and bad sex the

Thu, Oct 3

Portland Dance Film Festival Program 1

Directed by Various

PDFF PICKS 1 Going Home Director  Harrie Verbeek Director of Photography Richard Spierings Choreographer Jelena Kostić Dancer(s)  Huub Smit, Liz

Fri, Oct 4

Portland Dance Film Festival Program 2

PDFF PICKS 2 Cygnus  Directors Cara Hagan and Robert Uehlin Director of Photography  Robert Uehlin  Choreographer & Dancer  Cara Hagan

Sat, Oct 5


Directed by Oscar Micheaux

In one of the legendary black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux’s final films, young black Harvard graduate Peter (Carman Newsome) seeks to

Sat, Oct 5

Case No. 1, Case No. 2

Directed by Abbas Kiarostami

This extraordinary film was made in the spring of 1979, not long after the shah’s overthrow. Kiarostami stages two versions

Sat, Oct 5

Portland Dance Film Festival Program 3

PDFF PICKS 3 Initiation Director & Choreographer  Iwona Pasińska Director of Photography  Marek Grabowski Dance artists Polish Dance Theatre: Fabian

Sun, Oct 6

An Autumn Afternoon

Directed by Yasujirō Ozu

One of the finest final films of all time, Yasujiro Ozu’s An Autumn Afternoon follows a template familiar to Ozu-heads:

Sun, Oct 6


Directed by Abbas Kiarostami

In Kiarostami’s second documentary feature about education, the filmmaker himself asks the questions, interviewing a succession of invariably cute first-

Sun, Oct 6

Over the Edge

Directed by Jonathan Kaplan

Jonathan Kaplan’s too-likely-to-incite-a-riot-for-theaters cult classic follows the disaffected youth of “New Granada”—a planned suburb community with nothing for its younger