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Directed by Yohei Suzuki

Japan 2014 89 mins.

An aimless young man still living with his parents well into his twenties spies a mysterious black orb floating in the corner of his bedroom. Transfixed by the moon-like object, he cannot move. Subsequent visitors fall under the spell of the orb until a full-fledged police operation is underway to investigate the mysterious epidemic. As (almost) everyone trapped in the room begins to “thaw,” a young, hungry journalist begins an investigation into the exact cause of the supernatural event. An explanation, however, will be tough to ferret out, considering the largely vegetative state of the survivors. “This enigmatic, deadpan mystery just might be a comment on the social malaise and inertia of 21st-century Japan.”—New Directors/New Films.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Satire

Appears in: Japanese Currents