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Directed by Ann Hui

Hong Kong, China 2017 130 mins. In Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese

Inspired by the exploits of the Hong Kong resistance during World War II, Our Time Will Come tells the story of a powerful woman who met the challenge. Schoolteacher Fang Lan and her mother are trying to make ends meet in their run-down apartment when they find themselves embroiled in an attempt by guerrillas to smuggle their lodger, a leftist intellectual, to mainland China under the noses of the occupying Japanese forces. The charming and ruthless leader of the local resistance group is impressed with Fang Lan and recruits her. Hui’s film celebrates those who fight for their beliefs and the necessity of doing so. In Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese with English subtitles.

Filmography: The Golden Era (2014), A Simple Life (2011) All About Love (2010), Night and Fog (2009), The Postmodern Life of My Aunt (2006), Ordinary Heroes (1999)

Reviews: New York Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times, The Film Stage