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Directed by Jan Haaken

Oregon, United States 2018 80 mins. In English

Documentarian Jan Haaken’s sixth feature highlights a significant group of individuals in the highly politicized world of women’s reproductive health rights: the doctors and nurses who have taken an oath to provide safe and ethical procedures for those who need their help. While threats of violence remain commonplace, and religious control over healthcare expands, these quiet heroes continue to do their jobs with strength and compassion. Haaken sensitively and discreetly pulls back the curtain on this indispensable practice. “The debate continues to be defined by gruesome images from the anti-abortion movement, but Our Bodies Our Doctors shows truth to power, exposing the daily realities of performing procedures from providers POV and why they fight for reproductive justice.” —Gloria Steinem, author and activist.

Filmography: Queens of Heart: Community Therapists in Drag (2007), Guilty Except for Insanity (2013), Mind Zone: Therapists Behind the Front Lines (2014), Milk Men (2015), Kuwepo (2016)