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Orion: The Man Who Would be King

As a teenager in 1960s Alabama, Jimmy Ellis’ wonderful singing voice was unlike any other… except, that is, for one Elvis Presley. Hampered by his over-resemblance to the King, Jimmy’s own singing career floundered. Then, in 1979, he found fame as a masked singer called “Orion,” a persona deliberately evolved to create intrigue in the wake of Presley’s untimely death. Over the next years he played to legions of grieving Elvis fans and developed his own fanatical fan base, many of whom remained in willful denial about the true identity of their masked idol. With his contract stipulating that he never remove his disguise in public, Ellis’ success came at a high price for a singer still hoping to succeed on his own terms. Finlay’s nuanced portrait of Ellis serves as a riveting cautionary tale of the music industry, and a memorable exploration of fame and identity.

Genres: Biography, Music, Documentary