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Oregon – Change, Love, & Rage

  • 2018, 88 mins.

Curated by:

Nora Colie

Independent Filmmaker & Organizer

Right now in Oregon, people of color, women, non-binary, and queer filmmakers are making a conscious effort to hire, recommend, and promote one another for TV and film productions. They are also forming coalitions to facilitate collaboration and creative community. These voices, underrepresented in the film history of Oregon, are enhancing the quality of filmmaking in the region and are contributing fascinating stories that rarely have been told. Sponsored by Oregon Film. 

Films in this Program

This is Portland

Directed by Tim Smith

Don and Edwina take audiences on a tour of the cosmopolitan city of Portland, Oregon and the many riches it

There Goes The Neighborhood

Directed by Dan Evans

The visual experience of gentrification fit into a 3-minute time-lapse.

A Caged Bird Sings

Directed by Amanda Smith

A snapshot of the daily lives of three women entrenched in the continuing conflict that engulfs Palestine.

Water Stories

Directed by Shelley Jordon

A hand-painted stop-motion animation that chronicles the artist’s grandfather's journey escaping Czarist Russia, traveling through Cuba to New York City,

Little Donnie

Directed by Chel White

A dark parody of the 1975 made-for-TV horror film Trilogy of Terror starring Karen Black. However, rather than being terrorized

We Would Like to Thank You

Directed by Lea Kreck

A found footage film for the #MeToo era, confronting the falsehood of unawareness and a cultural willingness to celebrate talent

The Grimalkin

Directed by Roger Stack

A personal cinema inspired by George Kuchar’s The Mongreloid. Roger’s sister Scarlett talks to her cat Lolita, reminiscing about their


Directed by Miles Sprietsma

A walk becomes a dance of nicotine-induced frustration.

An Infected Sunset

Directed by Demian Dinéyazhi

An ekphrastic long-form prose poem first conceived in August 2016 in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting, police killings

Massively Relaxing

Directed by Nevada Lacy

An exploration of ASMR as a culture, a therapy, and a community, told through interviews with Whispers Red ASMR, Whisper

Armor Del Amor

Directed by Kirk Kelley

A nature ‘documentary’ that follows the mating rituals of a Dasypus novemcinctus (Nine-banded female armadillo) as she discovers the dark

Karma Has You

Directed by Ran Sheng

A young man suffering from a lost love tries to find a way to free himself from his emotional hell,

Go Missing

Directed by Casey McFeron

A suburban woman encounters a strange van outside her home, which in turn leads to even stranger occurrences.

Sole Doctor

Directed by Paula Bernstein

George's Shoe Repair, a family-owned shoe repair shop in Portland, has served the community for over 50 years.