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Directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer

Denmark 1955 126 mins. In Danish

Ordet, or “the word,” follows the Borgen family, led by the widowed patriarch Morten (Henrik Malberg). The pull of a local religious sect, in strict opposition to the family’s practiced Christianity, underlies this profound story of faith and redemption. The eldest Borgen son (Emil Hass Christensen) experiences a crisis of faith when his wife (Birgitte Federspiel) is threatened by a troubled pregnancy; the middle son (Preben Lerdorff Rye) believes himself to be Jesus Christ reincarnated; the youngest (Cay Kristiansen), is hopelessly in love with the daughter of the sect leader. As the storylines weave together , Dreyer fashions not just a simple morality play, but a spare, transcendent work of art.

Genres: Drama

Appears in: Carl Theodor Dreyer