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Directed by Zsófia Szilágyi

Hungary 2018 99 mins. In Hungarian, Italian with subtitles

A day (and a half) in the life of a married middle-class mother of three adolescents with a husband and a day job teaching Italian: it’s intense. With One Day Szilágyi—a former assistant to Ildikó Enyedi (On Body and Soul, PIFF 41)—delivers her simmering debut, beautifully shot in the streets and cramped apartments of Budapest. Following Anna (Zsófia Szamosi, in a stunning lead performance) through an unusual period filled with both child-based banalities and heightened marital drama that many will connect with, One Day captures the nuance and detail of modern parenthood while ratcheting up the tension with one of the year’s most subtly affecting soundscapes. A profoundly intimate and honest look at motherhood, this perceptive and sensitive film marks Szilágyi as a talent to watch.

Filmography: First feature

Sponsored by MUBI