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Directed by Pascal Plisson

Morocco, Argentina, Kenya, Bangladesh, France 2014 77 mins.

Plisson’s César-winning documentary extols the true worth of getting, and getting to, an education. Shot in Kenya, Patagonia, Morocco, and the Bay of Bengal, the film follows the perilous journeys of four children on their ways to school: Jackson crosses the savannah on foot, avoiding elephants; Carlito rides on horseback across lonely plains and rushing rivers; Zahira treks over treacherous Atlas Mountain passes; Samuel, in his antediluvian wheelchair, is pushed by his brothers over sand dunes and through swamps. While the breathtaking cinematography reveals the splendor of their homelands and the dangers of these voyages keep you on the edge of your seat, at the heart is the children’s resilience and their unstoppable yearning to learn and improve their lives. Ages 10+.