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Directed by Neïl Beloufa

France 2017 73 mins. In French

The stylish, side-splitting Occidental packs all of a broadly rendered Europe into a kitschy, cheap hotel while rioting on the streets of Paris boils outside. A mysterious, smooth-talking Italian couple check in to the eponymous hotel, raising the suspicions of the staff—on grounds of their suspected queerness and the feeling that they seem to have something nefarious in mind. Also staying at the hotel are a group of drunken British businessmen and a noirish American couple with a major age gap—and before long, the Paris police, who can only hope to make heads or tails of the various motives at play. “An artificial-to-the-core, purple-and-pink, hotel-set fever dream, and an exhilarating exercise in stagey cinema composed under the sign of Josef von Sternberg, Paul Vecchiali, and Bertrand Bonello.” —Film Comment. In French with English subtitles.

Filmography: Desire for Data (2016), Tonight and the People (2013)

Reviews: Desistfilm, Criterion Daily, Hollywood Reporter, Cineuropa

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