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Directed by Vanessa Gould

United States 2016 93 mins. In English

Who makes it on the obituary page of the paper of record? Both a peek into the inner workings of a familiar but misunderstood journalistic realm and a thoughtful meditation on memory and mortality, Obit delves into the world of obituary writing by following several writers for the obituaries section of the New York Times. With sometimes just hours remaining before deadline, a life must be condensed into a handful of pithy paragraphs. No pressure. “Death, the great haunter, hovers at the foot of this film, but is examined in a way that is surprisingly inspirational, uplifting, and often hilarious.”—The Upcoming.

Sponsored by Willamette Week and SundanceNow

Reviews: Hollywood Reporter, Variety, The New York Times

Interviews: Interview with Vanessa Gould and Margalit Fox at Jezebel

Filmography: Between the Folds (2008)