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Directed by Various

Oregon, Washington 90 mins.

Music video making thrives in the Northwest as this showcase of new collaborations by bands and directors working in Portland, Seattle, and Olympia attest.

Tonight’s program will feature:

Wampire – “Wizard Staff” by Robbie Augspurger (OR)

Your Heart Breaks – “Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes” by Clyde Petersen  (WA)

Palehound – “Molly” by Lara Jean Gallagher and Brian Kinkley (OR)

Sandy Loam – “Yell it to the Big Sky” by Christal Angelique and Eric Rose (Premiere)  (OR)

Weed – “Never Leave” by Andrea Lukic (WA)

Chaz Matador – “Hypnotic Fitness” by Estevan Munoz  (OR)

Red Fang – “Shadows” by Whitey McConnaughy  (OR)

Fly Moon Royalty – “Grown Man” by Bryan Campbell (WA)

Quit Safari fest. Jwl B. – “Finito” by Jade Harris (WA)

Blind Pilot – “Packed Powder” by Oregon Crew 

Wild Cub – “Drive”  by Marc and Karina Ripper (OR)

White Fang – “Drugs I’ve Taken” by Nesto (OR)

Poison Idea – “Calling All Ghosts” by Brett Roberts (OR)

Muscle and Marrow – “Ritual” by Edward P Davee (OR)

Skinlies – “Toxic Masculinity” by Micah Vanderhoof  (OR)

Plush – “Sheer Power” by Dani Ransom  (OR)

Heather Woods Broderick – “Wyoming” by Jeff Rowles (OR)

Ian Sweet – “#23” – by Eleanor Petry (WA)

Desire Complex – “Way it is” by Stasia Aaa  (WA)

Broken Water – “Love and Poverty” by Kanako Pooknyw and Nandan Rao (WA)


Thank you to Hot Lips Pizza for once again providing pizza for this fun event!