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Directed by Chantal Akerman

Belgium, France, Switzerland 1991 92 mins. In French

Julie and Jack, recently arrived in Paris, are a young couple from the provinces who spend their days making love and their nights apart, while Jack drives a taxi and Julie walks the streets, waiting for him to come home.  Their vague aspirations take a backseat to their constant passion. “Music” resonates throughout—Julie sings wordlessly alongside the soundtrack’s musical backdrop; sometimes she sings while walking and sometimes we merely hear her off-screen. In a post-modern take on Truffault’s Jules and Jim, Julie begins spending her nights with Joseph, who drives Jack’s taxi during the day. Although she is getting no sleep, Julie resists choosing one of them, as she says she loves both of them, but realizes she may need to take action when they begin sounding too similar. It is symbolic in Akerman’s use of interior space that a physical change to the couple’s apartment leads them to join the larger world. “A small, seriously comic extravaganza.”—Vincent Canby, The New York Times.