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Not Sorry #4: Consumer

  • Directed by Various

Critiquing popular culture by re-appropriating found footage source materials or by restaging stereotypes are common strategies in the experimental film genre. Since popular media has both constructed and echoed stereotypes of women, what better way to reclaim, talk back to, examine, and of course make fun of these manufactured and unrealistic identities? Exploring the general theme of consumerism (as consumers of media, ideas, and products) is another set of international filmmakers who engage directly with media or their false representations of women and their desires. Included is Gunvor Nelson’s Take Off (1972), that starts as a typical strip-tease film but with a surprise ending; Akosua Adoma Owusu’s Intermittent Delight (2007), which combines textiles and the Ghanaian men and women who make them with clips of 1960s Westinghouse commercials on the how-tos of refrigerator decoration; and work from two local filmmakers, Vanessa Renwick’s Toxic Shock (1983), which combines intimate taboos of needles, blood, and tampons, and Ariella Tai’s She’s Not Gonna Get More Dead (2018), that with its crunchy, juicy soundtrack and sourced images of black women vampires meditates on death, desire, and what makes someone more than dead.

Apologies, US, 1986 dir. Anne Charlotte Robertson (17 mins., S8 to digital)

She’s Not Gonna Get More Dead, US, 2018, dir. Ariella Tai (6 mins., digital)

Take Off, US/Sweden, 1972 dir. Gunvor Nelson (10 mins., 16mm)

Intermittent Delight, Ghana/US, 2007, dir. Akosua Adoma Owusu (5 mins., digital)

Unsubscribe #1: Special Offer Inside, UK/US, 2010 dir. Jodie Mack (4.5 mins., 16mm)

Boyfriend, Canada, 2014 dir. Jennifer Chan (6.5 mins., digital)

Me Broni Ba, Ghana/US, 2009 dir. Akosua Adoma Owusu (22 min., 16mm to digital)

Toxic Shock, US, 1983 dir. Vanessa Renwick (3 mins., 16mm)

Genres: Experimental