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Not Sorry #3: Home

  • Directed by Various

Stories of political and social upheaval are often accompanied by typical media images of suffering or violence. But the resulting displacement, whether physical or psychological, while an experience of the individual and their daily reality, is also one of a people who carry tradition and ritual across borders and time. How else can such traumas, expressions of longing for a place that may not really exist, or even celebratory moments of finding home, be represented? Pursuing the general theme of home and how the female voice may call to it, reject it, or endure it, the program includes Basma Alsharif’s Home Movies Gaza (2013), a view from the domestic space in one of the most contested territories in modern politics; Barbara McCullough’s Water Ritual #1 (1979), set in a demolished area of Watts and through performance expressing Black women’s ongoing struggle for spiritual and psychological space; and Yau Ching’s in-camera edited Video Letters 1-3 (1993) that served as the nomadic Chinese video artist’s preferred mode of communication to the people she missed.

Home Movies Gaza, France/Palestine, 2013 dir. Basma Alsharif (24 mins., digital).

Water Ritual #1: An Urban Rite of Purification, US, 1979 dir. Barbara McCullough (5 mins., digital)

Now Eat My Script, Lebanon, 2014 dir. Mounira al Solh (25 mins., blu-ray)

Ciudad, Mujer, Ciudad, Mexico, 1985 dir. Pola Weiss Álvarez (15 mins., digital)

Video Letters 1-3, China, 1993 dir. Yau Ching (11 mins., digital)