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Directed by Yannis Veslemes

Greece 2014 73 mins.

Exuding the irreproachable cool of the new school of Greek filmmakers, Yannis Veslemes’ retro vampire flick depicts the afterlife of Zano, an undead denizen of 1980s Athens, Greece. Dressed to the nines in outdated lounge lizard attire, Zano slinks through the bars and alleys of the Greek metropolis looking for the love of a “warm” girl. All the while, he must keep in constant motion, dancing to sullen club beats, to keep his heart from stopping. “The bloodsucking creatures have always been an emblem of societal parasitism – and in this stylised steampunk creation, Zano the vampire lives a life of excessive hedonism. Veslemes’s disco-beat debut is thinly-veiled critique of those who have carelessly played with the country’s future.”—Peter Yeung, Dazed.

Genres: Horror

Appears in: Halloween Chills