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Directed by Andrew Cohn

United Arab Emerites 2016 85 mins. In English

Following three adult students—Melissa, Shynika, and Greg—through their year in a high school diploma program in Indianapolis, Cohn’s tender, empathetic film illustrates the daily struggles of those on the fringes of the official economy. Often shut out of good jobs due to a lack of formal education, students enrolled in these kinds of diploma programs (which are both popping up all over the US and are markedly different than GEDs) seek a better life and increased job opportunity. Cohn both illuminates their particular struggles—dead-end work, street violence, isolation—and teasingly looks at the larger forces at play, prompting us, as citizens, to delve further into these issues facing millions of everyday Americans. “Benefiting greatly from its charismatic, likeable subjects, Night School displays a compassion and empathy that feels more necessary than ever.”—The Hollywood Reporter.

A Voices in Action film.