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Directed by Thom Eberhart

United States 1984 95 mins.

In this 80s apocalyptic cult classic, valley girl teen sisters Regina (Catherine Mary Stewart) and Samantha (Kelli Maroney) narrowly escape the deadly radiation of a passing comet only to be faced with the zombified remnants of society and worse. After teaming up with another survivor (Robert Beltran, who you may remember as Chakotay from  Star Trek: Voyager), the sisters fend off zombies and mad scientists alike and still taking the time to get some much needed mall time in. Providing inspiration for later teen girl-powered action characters like Buffy Summers, and with one of the best apocalyptic shopping montages ever committed to film, Night of the Comet is an exceptionally fun/funny ride into the end of days.

Top Down: Rooftop Cinema is returning to the Portland State University campus atop the PS2 parking structure at 1724 SW Broadway (the entrance to the stairs/rooftop is on the 6th Ave side of the building).

Music provided before the screening by XRAY.FM (7 pm). Come early for zombie face painting!