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Neko Ninja

From the director of Neko Samurai and its sequel Neko Samurai: A Tropical Adventure, a ninja with the stolen ability to shape-shift disappears in front of his young son, saying he will return once the boy has mastered the ninja arts. Immediately, a cat appears where the father once stood, inspiring the son to believe his father has assumed a feline form. Grown into the skilled ninja he was destined to become, he battles rival warriors with the cat by his side. Hilarious and engaging, Neko Ninja reaches new heights for the cat-friendly warrior theme that Watanabe has been perfecting over the past several years.

Appears in: Japanese Currents

Genres: Comedy

Other Films by Takeshi Watanabe

Neko Samurai

Starring acclaimed actor Kazuki Kitamura as Kyutaro Madarame, a masterless Samurai, the madcap Neko Samurai wonders aloud: “what if we mashed up two of Japan’s most beloved cultural icons, the samurai and the cat?” The result: one of the most delightfully cute comedies to come from Japan in some time. A dog-loving clan hires Madarame,

Neko Samurai 2: A Tropical Adventure

The beloved cat/samurai duo that charmed audiences in Samurai Cat are back in an adventure which finds our heroes Tamanojo (cat) and Madarame (samurai, Kazuki Kitamura of Thermae Romae and Kill Bill fame) marooned on the remote island of Shikokou after Madarame goes out in search of work—turns out being a “cat person” doesn’t pay