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Directed by Valerie Red-Horse, Jennifer Wynne Farmer

United States 1998 107 mins.

Three American Indian sisters, raised separately in foster homes after the death of their alcoholic mother, seek a shared destiny as entrepreneurs of a line of organic cosmetics in this disarming drama, a moving tale of self-betterment and triumph. Sisters Tanya, Karen, and Vickie realize that their family legacy of herbal remedies might provide a way for them to heal, bond, and prosper—if they can develop a marketable product line. The way to success, however, is strewn with practical, cultural, and personal obstacles. Itself a noteworthy achievement by Native American women, the film, starring Irene Bedard, Kimberly Guerrero, and triple-threat Valerie Red-Horse (Cherokee) who wrote the screenplay and co-directed, presents a drama rich with emotion and from a perspective heretofore rarely treated on screen.–UCLA Film & Television Archive.


Cow Tipping: The Militant Indian Waiter
US 1991
Director: Randy Redroad
Randy Redroad’s (Cherokee) hilarious short illustrates the confrontation of cultural insensitivity and cultural oversensitivity, leading to a seemingly endless cycle of the same old, same old.—UCLA Film & Television Archive. (17 mins., DVD)